Core Team

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Dr Iván Palomares Carrascosa

Lab Founder - Senior Research Scientist

University of Granada, Spain

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Prof. Francisco Herrera Triguero

Director of DaSCI Institute

University of Granada, Spain

Prof. Enrique Herrera Viedma

Vicepresident of Research & Innovation

University of Granada, Spain

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Mr Hugo Alcaraz Herrera

PhD Student

University of Bristol, UK

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Mr Zijian Shi

PhD student

University of Bristol, UK

Dr Ru-Xi Ding

Assistant Professor

Beijing Institute of Technology

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Dr Fco. Javier Cabrerizo Lorite

Associate Professor

University of Granada, Spain


Dr Carlos Porcel Gallego

Associate Professor

University of Granada, Spain


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Dr Macarena Espinilla Estévez

Head of ASIA research group

University of Jaén, Spain


Prof. Yucheng Dong

Head of Decision Making under Uncertainty Lab

Sichuan University, China


Dr Zoi Toumpakari

Lecturer in Nutrition & Behaviour Change

University of Bristol, UK

Institutional Collaborations

 Since our foundation in 2018, we have been keen supporters of multidisciplinary and international R&D activities, with potential to reach out to – and generate impact on – the wider society. Our collaborations involve research and consultancy activity with universities, research institutions and companies across the globe. Some examples of past and current  collaborations include the following institutions from academia and industry:

Previous MSc and Undergraduate Students Supervised

Harvey Benjen
. MSc Computer Science (2019)


Supervisor: Ivan Palomares

Tom Bewley. MSc Advanced Computing (Machine Learning) (2019)


Supervisor: Ivan Palomares

Tushar Bhatnagar. MSc Advanced Computing (2019)


Supervisor: Ivan Palomares

Ting-Hung (David) Chen. MSc Computer Science (2019)

Supervisor: Ivan Palomares

Fernando Rangel Ramirez. MSc Computer Science (2019)

Supervisors: Ivan Palomares, Hugo Alcaraz
Mark Vijitratanakit (2018-2019) “Web application for group leisure recommendation in smart cities“. BSc Individual Project. Supervisor: Ivan Palomares
Gregor Bajsic (2018) . Towards Technical Analysis on Cryptocurrencies Market Using Deep Reinforcement Learning”, Master Thesis. Supervisor: Iván Palomares.

Keshav Goel (2018) Pointing Cast to their Next Blockbuster! Recommending the best movie to act in“, Master Thesis –Supervisor: Iván Palomares.


Eunchong Kim (2018) Fitness that fits! Recommending physical exercise videos based on Youtube user preferences“, Master Thesis, Supervisor: Iván Palomares.


Oluwayomi Okeowo (2018) Customer Churn Prediction and Recommendation using Spark Machine Learning“, Master Thesis. Supervisor: Iván Palomares.


Anastasia Petrovskaia (2018) Decision Support System for New Product Development based on Customer Data“, Master Thesis.

Supervisor: Iván Palomares.

Anjie Song (2018) A distributed movie recommender systems using via Hybrid Approach“, Master Thesis.

Supervisor: Iván Palomares.

Defa Qian (2018) Helping people find suitable products faster on AliExpress“, Master Thesis – ongoing (co-supervisor with Dr. Bahar Rastegari)