DSRS initiates collaborations with Taipei Medical University (TMU), Taiwan

We are thrilled to announce new international R&D collaborations between DSRS Lab and the International Centre for Health Information Technologies in Taipei Medical University (TMU), one of the highest-ranked higher education and global research institutions in Taiwan.

Taipei Medical University

This collaboration, due to start on early 2021, will count on the participation of experts from various disciplines related to Health, Medicine and Information Technology, with a focus on developing innovative AI-based digital health solutions guided by personalisation and user engagement to promote healthier lifestyles among specific sectors of the population.

This goes in line with -and follows up from- one of the lab’s key research lines on AI-guided RecSys for health & wellbeing lifestyle promotion, started back in 2018 under a 2-year Turing Fellowship with the UK’s Alan Turing Institute: a more necessary real-world problem than ever before at global scale, as evidenced by the consequences of the current world pandemic caused by (infamous) covid-19, as well as the global blueprint Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development Goals (about which we also talk in this other post!)

More details to follow soon.

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