AI & Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals

DSRS Lab and DaSCI Institute Researchers have been taking part in an ambitious Knowledge-Transfer R&D study entitle “Engineering facilitator in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): AI and Emerging Digital Technologies”.

As we approach the finish line of this study taken place during March-December 2020, we are very pleased to release the project’s Website, where it is shown how Artificial Intelligence can enable achieving the 17 SDGs proposed by United Nations by year 2030. This interactive site – available in both English and Spanish – highlights the trends followed by AI and emerging technologies as a facilitator, driving-force, obstacle or threat to the different targets underlying SDGs of economic, social and environmental nature.

Likewise, we distil key recommendations to be followed by governments, institutions, R&D institutions, stakeholders and ultimately the general public towards reinforcing the catalyser and enabler role that these technologies can play towards sustainability at all levels. Since if you are reading this post you are probably interested in how large-scale Decision Support and Recommender Systems in particular can contribute their grain of sand in this huge endeavour, we’re pleased to announce the result of the study show a lot of potential by these paradigms in many of the SDGs (for instance, for health and wellbeing, socio-economic governance, sustainable tourism, equality and social welfare, to name a few).

Finally, please make sure to participate in the large-scale (Poll) study for the whole world population, which we are conducting to know what you think about our proposed Recommendations for Action Plans in this study. Your opinion is very valuable to us!

A Book resulting from this study, published with the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering, and undertaken in close collaboration with Ferrovial, will be available soon!

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